10 Reasons To Design and Print Presentation Folders

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Branding and marketing are two of the biggest challenges you face as a business owner. Every time you think you are on to an original idea you realise that there are others in your niche that are doing the same thing, which means that you have to be strategic and creative if you plan to stay ahead. When it comes to branding many will resort to printing stationery, t-shirts and other office items, but one item that you don’t very often see is presentation folders. Presentation folders, according to some, have gone the way of the fax machine or such other archaic office items but it is simply not true.

It is true that most presentations today are done using electronic means but this doesn’t mean that document folders have lost their place in the business world. What you have to remember is that every business generates hundreds, if not thousands of documents every day, and these documents need to be organised. Whether one is on the go, or whether they would like to store documents they need to organise them, and one of the best ways to do that is with presentation folders. As you come up with a branding and marketing budget for the coming year consider the following reasons for investing in presentation folders:

1. They are an excellent way to brand your business. Every good business has a brand, and that brand, if well positioned, eventually gets associated with the business so that it is recognised at a glance. One way to ensure that all stakeholders and even the public are familiar with your brand is to place it on custom folders. Over the years every time consumers see your brand they will remember your product.

2.    Each time your business is represented, be it in a meeting, an exhibition or even amongst stakeholders you want to make the best impression. One way to do that is to have presentation folders. It gives the impression that you are an organised business that invests in orderliness.

3.    Meetings and presentations will go a lot smoother if your employees have all their documents properly organised in presentation folders. Not only do they look professional and knowledgeable, it also enables them to be coherent and clear in their presentations.

4.    The people who attend meetings with you would also like to have an orderly package that they can take away. If you leave them with a stack of papers after each meeting you can be sure that most of these end up in the rubbish tip. However, if you have bespoke folders people are more likely to hang on to your documents and even refer to them at a later date.

5.    You will find it much easier to organise your office if you have presentation folders. Each document that needs filing can be slipped into an A4 folder before it is put inside a filing cabinet.

6.    When you think about all the different ways that you can advertise and how much each of them cost you will find that polypropylene folders are quite affordable. You can print hundreds or even thousands of them every year at a relatively small cost and each will give you lots of branding and exposure.

7.    When it comes time to give presents to your customers and other stake holders you may want to go with something different this year. Instead of sending out a bottle of wine and stationery how about you sent out bespoke folders? You can have them made out of special material such as leather and embossed with the client’s name. This is a gift they are sure to use for a long time.

8.    You can use presentation folders to carry multimedia kits. Multimedia kits are those that are used to hold all your marketing material and instead of slipping such a kit into an envelope you can clip it into a customised folder. It makes for a more professional picture and makes it easier to keep all the material together.

9.    Each time you hire new employees you give them documents with all the information about your business and their role. One way to make it easy for new hires to hang onto these documents is to put everything in custom A4 or A5 folders.

10.    Each time you have a conference or have space at an exhibition you would like to present the very best image of your business and one way to do that is to have presentation folders to hand to those who are in attendance.

As you can see, business presentation folders come with many benefits, and the best thing about them is that they are not expensive to produce. So long as you can find a reliable, experienced company to do them you will have great marketing material at affordable rates.

While there are many companies that produce folders you should choose yours very carefully. Start by finding out what kind of folders the company you have in mind produces. There are different types of presentation folders available – polypropylene folders, PVC folders, cardboard folders, leather folders and more. Decide the kind of material that you want your folders to be made out of and then choose a company that specialises in that specific material.

The design that goes onto your folder is very important – it portrays your brand and you want it to be truly representative of your business. Take your time to come up with a design that is simple yet elegant and also communicates your brand as clearly as possible.

The company you choose to do your folders will set you up with a designer and you can discuss the design. They will come up with several renderings for you to look at and approve, and will only go to print once you give your approval. It’s always a good to do a small print run in the beginning so that you can see what the final folders will look like.

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