3 Products That Will Get Your Brand into the Pockets of Consumers

Brand recognition is one factor that can make or break an organisation’s success, after all without a business that people identify with you and your products or services will quickly fall into the abyss of your industry sector.

Promotional products offer an affordable and easy way to get your brand noticed, for all the right reasons, so why not check out the following three products and get your business name, logo and ethos out there to the people who matter!

Credit card wallets

Promotional credit card wallets are a popular and practical way of giving your customers something they need whilst discreetly etching your brand into their minds. Available in a wide range of unique styles and with a number of extras accessible for added personalisation, credit card wallets offer customer focus with your brand at its heart.

Every consumer wants to be more organised so offer them a way of fulfilling this aim with a wallet made for the storage of credit cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, ID cards and driving licences.

Desktop calendars

Ok, so not every consumer carries around a calendar in their pockets, but the desktop calendar is an ideal way to promote your wares not just to one potential customer but many! Again this useful product can be branded to your exact specification, and better yet your customer will have to look at it every day.

With numerous design options available (including standard, universal, chroma, patent and summit), you will officially be spoilt for choice when choosing the desktop calendar that suits your business and budget. Each option is available in various colours and finishes, whilst all designs (minus our summit products) can be customised further with digital, litho and encapsulation techniques.

Oyster card wallets

The travel card is a must carry essential for city dwellers, and whilst everyone loves a freebie, the oyster card wallet is a concrete option. Create an eye-catching campaign that is made to grab the attention of potential customers. At Lion, we deliver a selection of finishes to ensure you can achieve an excellent and fully personalised product whilst staying bang on budget.

Our oyster card wallets are also available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colours and materials, whilst screen printing and full colour litho techniques can be called upon for a wallet that is oh so you!