4 Office Essentials for a Start Up Business

If you want your new business to start with a bang and not a whimper then it’s a good idea to ensure you have everything you need for your office before you launch including furniture and equipment. Getting the right kit together will help the first few months of your business to run more smoothly and give you the time you need to concentrate on growing your venture. If you’re about to embark on a new business then incorporate the following four essentials into your office space.

1. Computers and Software

These days it’s pretty impossible to run a business without computers and software. When you’re deciding what you need consider things such as how you’ll maintain your financial records, whether you’ll have staff that need PCs or laptops and the number of printers you’ll require. It’s cheaper to buy what you need in bulk than make separate purchases now and then so if possible, purchase all the equipment you need in one go.

2. Stationary

It’s advisable to get stocked up on stationary before you start so purchase plenty of printer paper, note pads, folders, pens, clipboards, paperclips, staplers and so on. Once you’ve got all your stationary complete an inventory and ensure you and your staff make a note when stationary is used so it can be replaced. That way you won’t suddenly find you’ve run out of something you really need.

3. Internet and Telephones

Although many people use mobile phones for business it’s still a good idea to have a landline installed, but it’s now possible to choose a VOIP phone system which works in conjunction with the internet and is much cheaper than a conventional landline. A speedy and reliable internet connection is a definite must as most clients choose to communicate online. You can purchase an annual or biannual package that includes web hosting, your internet service and a phone line. You should also consider whether you’ll need any special functions on your website such as a shopping cart which will allow clients to purchase your products or services through your website.

4. Furniture and Decoration

Think carefully about the space you have before you decide on furniture and décor. It is important to have enough desks, chairs and filing cabinets but it’s more important to create a light and airy space that’s pleasant to work in. choose ergonomic office chairs that are designed to be sat on for long periods of time and consider whether you want to work in an open plan environment as it can have disadvantages such as increased noise and traffic flow. In terms of décor, it’s best to stick to neutral colours, especially if you’ve got staff. Whilst you may love bright hues not everyone does and working in overly colourful or busy environments can be unpleasant for some people.