5 Ways a Record of Achievement Folder Can Boost Your Job Prospects

Whilst the economy is recovering, there is still a high level of competition for jobs across a variety of sectors and when it comes to looking good on paper, every little helps!

In recent years record of achievement folders have offered employers the ultimate insight into their applicant’s personal and professional lives, and with competition rife it could just be your secret weapon to bag your next job. But how important are record of achievement folders and how can a perfectly packaged professional history boost your job prospects?

The perfect summary

As well as offering a detailed interpretation of your professional history to date, a record of achievement folder will also offer your prospective employer an ‘at a glance’ look at your life.

Whilst having a standalone CV doesn’t leave much room to elaborate, record of achievement folders give you the chance to offer the best of both worlds during the application and interview process thanks to an introduction or profile page. This profile showcases your best bits, whilst the remaining folder can be used by the employer to delve deeper into your skills and persona.

Showcase your skills

Record of achievement folders offer the opportunity to go above and beyond the usual brief, bulleted list of your technical skills. From basic skills like listening, communication and customer service to details of what instrumentals you can play and what applications / software packages you can use, offering an in-depth list of skills ensures you put your very best forward even in the early stages of the application process.

Enhance your experience

Summarising the roles that you have played in previous positions offers further insight into how you can fit in at your new company, a fact that can put you ahead of your competitors as well as give employers a vision of how your experience will translate into their own company. Don’t be afraid to go into detail, but keep it to the point and present your past duties and responsibilities in a bulleted format.

Reveal more about you

As well as getting to know the professional ‘you’, your prospective employer also wants to find out more about your personality. Use your record of achievement folder to demonstrate your career profile and any hobbies and interests that you have in your spare time. If you do charity or volunteer work then showcase this too in order to support your application further.

Dazzle at first glance

As with any encounter, it helps to make a great first impression, even if you are not there to represent yourself in person. Your record of achievement folder can offer that all-important first impression that you need to get your foot in the door and dramatically improve your job prospects.

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