5 Ways to Create Beautifully Designed Presentation Folders

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Another post we’ve decided to re-publish, here we guide you on the types of materials you’ll need or at least want to think about.

Whilst the contents of any folder are sure to wow a potential client, customer or partner, in many cases first impressions do count, and presenting important documents appropriately, creatively and interestingly can gain you major brownie points before you even open your mouth to deliver a pitch.

Creating a beautifully designed folder is easier said than done however, but with the help of our presentation and packaging experts you can make a lasting impact on every one your company comes into contact with.

counter mats

1. Use the highest quality materials

Whilst a great design will add plenty of pizzazz to any folder, investing in high quality materials will give the impression that you are a company that ensures the highest standards for your products or services. Here at Lion Presentation, we use only the best materials to enable our customers to make a great first, second and third impression at each and every meeting or corporate event.

Our folders are available in polypropylene, paper over board or PVC, each of these materials offers their own benefits, which our team will be happy to advise on to ensure you have the beginnings of a folder that works for you. If you’re hosting another company in your location, you will want your brand logo displayed using things like branded counter mats.

2. Remember – size matters

Choosing the correct size of folder will also influence the overall design and the finished product, our folders are available in A3 or A4 making them the perfect accessory to frame reports, product information, notes, manuals and other corporate materials.

3. Don’t forget about the extras

We utilise a range of advanced techniques to ensure your folders are as unique as your company and its products or services. Screen printing, full colour litho, embossing and foil stamping can all be used to make your folder stand out for all the right reasons.

4. Say more about your brand

Branding your presentation folders will ensure the clients, customers and partners that receive them make no mistake that the materials inside are from your company. As well as producing a design that is unique to your organisation, branding can also market your company a little further afield – after all, who knows who might see it! Branded folders offer a marketing material like no other, making your brand memorable to all those who encounter it.

5. Simplicity is key

Whilst we offer a variety of bespoke solutions for businesses looking to put their best face forward in their respective markets, keeping the overall design simple and elegant using our advanced techniques and options is the key to presenting a professional image.