7 Steps to an Organised Home Office

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If you want working from home to work out, discipline and organisation are essential. Follow these seven tips to ensure your home office is works.

1. Keep Clear

When you’re busy working it’s easy to let paperwork build up which can lead to mistakes being made. At the end of each day take time to clear away the clutter, that way you’ll be better placed to plan your priorities for the next day. It’s a good idea to have plenty of presentation folders and ring binders to hand so it’s easy to keep your documents in check.

2. Stick to Working Hours

It can be tempting to take time off or burn the candle at both ends when you work from home, but doing so can lead to a whole host of problems. To ensure you’re as productive as possible decide when you’ll work and for how long – and stick to it!

3. Invest in your Chair

An uncomfortable chair can really hamper your working day and have long term effects on your health so make sure that you invest in a high quality chair that’s designed for office use.

4. Move Office Equipment

Lack of space can make getting things done more difficult so if you need lots of electronic equipment like printers and fax machines, choose models that can be operated remotely and keep them in a different room to give yourself more space.

5. Organise your Computer

It may sound obvious, but it’s easy to let your computer become disorganised and you can quickly lose track if you don’t store files clearly. Keep your personal and business files separate and make sure you store work in its proper place every time you hit save.

6. Use Autoresponder

Answering emails can take up hours of your day so if you’re being distracted by a constant stream of messages set up an autoresponder so enquiries aren’t left unanswered and set aside specified time to go through the mail you receive.

7. Get Adequate Storage

There’ll be plenty of documents you need to keep hold of and without adequate storage your paperwork will quickly pile up so get a filing cabinet or drawers and if you store confidential information make sure you can lock them.

When you follow these seven tips you’ll find it easy to stay organised and ensure that you don’t waste time and effort during your working day.

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