A tax disc holder has more than one use

An unconventional, innovative and effective advertising ploy. Isn’t that what every aspiring business is looking for? Surprisingly, a tax disc holder could be the answer. Hear the argument before you scoff:

At a recent promotional products association tradeshow it was revealed that approximately 95 percent of business’s surveyed, reported utilising promotional products at their events and tradeshows. Furthermore, approximately 70 percent of respondents reported that promotional products were either “extremely effective” or “effective” in achieving their advertising goals. The reason business’s use these products are simple; they work. There are four main reasons for the effectiveness of these products: they increase brand/name recognition, generate interest, attract new customers and trade and finally, they create the perception of goodwill.

Promotional products are the little sister of TV and magazine advertising, the next step down from broadcasting and printing your company name. A 2006 study by the Incentive Performance Central that promotional products could be used as a primary advertising medium, as these products came second only T.V.  Bespoke promotional products are a supplementary marketing device that reinforces the positive brand image of the more effective t.v advertising medium. The one area where promotional products are, perhaps, better that t.v adverts is their ability to promote a sense of goodwill; adverts cannot hand you a tangible present.

Promotional Products Association International have said, in the past, that businesses who use promotional products are twice as likely to be contacted as those that do not.

Promotional products, then, are established as an effective advertising medium; one of the best, in fact. But why tax disc holders instead of, say, a pen? Precisely because a pen is the first example of a promotional product that pops into mind when thinking of an example to cite in an article such as this. Similarly, key rings, caps and t-shirts all crop up as cliché promotional gimmicks. They are effective, that much is already established, but what they are not is unconventional and off the beaten track. The tax disc holder promotional product is and it is ideal as an addition to an already existing range of promotional products.