Are Promotional Products an Effective Way to Boost Business?

From pens and memo blocks to Oyster card wallets and tax disc holders, we encounter promotional products everywhere we go. But how effective are these promotional products when advertising the average business and how can you ensure you make the most out of your branded items?

Promotional products are one of the oldest tricks in the book for marketers, and have been used for decades to advertise both products and services to the masses. However, without the right know-how even the quirkiest promo product can fall on deaf ears. Take a look at our top tips for crafting a promotional product strategy that really works…

Take a Calculated Approach

Investing and distributing promotional products haphazardly will only waste your time and money, so take time to define the objectives of your campaign and structure giveaways effectively.

Ask yourself whether your promotional product is more than an advertising tool, is it there to educate, inform, raise awareness or simply say ‘thank you’ to your customers? Also determine exactly who you are looking to target during the campaign, are you looking to push for recurring sales with your existing audience or spread your reach further afield to entice new business?

Planning makes perfect when it comes to organising and executing product based campaigns, refine every last detail to make designing and distributing your products a success.

Invest in High Quality Products

With any promotional product campaign using good quality materials is the key to showing your customers you care. Here at Lion Presentation we create a range of bespoke tax disc holders and Oyster card wallets, all of which are personally designed for your campaign and made from the very best materials. We offer a diverse range of finishes, so you can take control of your promotional strategy with customisable shapes, sizes and colours. We can also provide embossed holders to offer a distinctive take on the promotional product.

Use Products Instead of Business Cards

Branded products can also be used effectively as business cards, providing customers and clients with a useful item that has your marketing message at its core. So many business cards are simply thrown to one side after a meeting or trade event, but a branded Oyster card wallet or tax disc holder will give people a great reason to keep your business details in full view. Promotional products can also be sent as a thank you to partners, customers or acquaintances.