Brand your Business

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Your Business Is Your Brand

There are few things in your business as valuable as your ‘brand’. Your brand encompasses everything you stand for, everything you uphold and every product or service you provide. You are part of your brand, as is your car, your front door, your employees… even your stationary says something about your brand. What do you want it to say? You could just use cheap, plain stationary from the newsagents but saying nothing about your brand is as good as screaming that you don’t care about it.

At Lion Presentation we specialise in branding all sorts of office stationary. Right now we have a great line of Easel Binders in stock. Easel Binders are ideal for presentations, they look like a normal flat folder but they fold out to make a flip chart. And of course this would be branded with your logo and contact details.


Our bread and butter, if you like, is our vinyl binders. We sell thousands of these every year, each idiosyncratically designed to promote your brand or product range. These little branding tools make a massive difference to your customers and to your staff as well. Don’t miss out on these opportunities of self-promotion, get in touch today and we’ll help you brand your business.