Branded stationary is vital if you want your brand to be remembered for the right reasons. You wouldn’t turn up o a meeting tie askew, shirt un-tucked and hair a mess, you should be as particular with your business’ appearance as you are your own. A great way to give your staff pride and your client’s faith is branded stationary – it’s simply a more professional choice.

One of the more fundamental aspects of stationary are Lion’s branded PVC binders. These can be made very simple in order to differentiate and hold documents or more elaborate for presentations and conferences. They can make binders with all sorts of little pockets – for business cards, pen loops and corner pieces all of which extenuate your brand values and identity, ingratiating you to your clients. These also make great keepsakes for after a conference, with your contact details or website printed on it you can guarantee more business.

If you want to get noticed and take your business to the next level, you need to celebrate your brand and promote it in all you do and in all of your office stationary and paraphernalia. Lion Presentation have been helping businesses to promote their brand in this way for years and will have loads of suggestions for you. Give us a call and you’ll be remembered.