Crafting the Perfect Personal Statement for Your Record of Achievement Folder

National record of achievement folders have been an essential tool for interviewees for a number of years. An ideal way to showcase your skills and achievements, the folder has provided those looking to bag a university place or coveted job role the things they need to make that all important first impression.

However, in addition to making your record of achievement folder stand out with a high quality finish, customised features and a range of extras, how you present yourself on the very first page will count for a lot! All record of achievement folders should begin with a personal statement, but what should you include in your personal statement to ensure your competitors simply don’t get a look in?

Offer an explanation

For many interviewing tutors or employers, welcoming the right candidate is all about finding someone that has the passion and enthusiasm to see the course through or develop within the role and the wider company. Your personal statement should offer a clear, concise and valuable insight into why you want to study on this course or get this particular job role.

As well as drawing on your current studies for inspiration, also explain how you’re right for the course or job role and what steps you have taken to prepare. While the personal statement offers a chance to answer these essential questions specifically, your wider record of achievement folder will give you the room to expand and provide further evidence to back up these claims.

Think outside the classroom

Your personal statement isn’t just an opportunity to show off your academic skills, tutors and prospective employers want to hear about how these passions translate outside the classroom. For students in particular, what they’ve done outside of the classroom to develop can demonstrate an interest that tutors just love to see.

Whether you’ve spent some of your spare time reading books or attending events and lectures to prepare, mention all your extra-curricular activities to show a passion that truly endures! Make sure this is however relevant to your chosen course or career.

Make it personal and positive

As the name suggests a personal statement should be, well, personal so don’t be afraid to deviate from the rules slightly to get your personality across. Positivity is also the key to making a great impression on paper.

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