Creative Oyster Card Wallets

London is the business capital of the world and the vast majority of Londoners carry an Oyster Card… in a card holder. Those who live in London strive to stand out from their neighbours and the competition is fierce with over 7.5 million residents. The market for oyster card holders is one of the most dynamic new markets in the capital, with scores of companies investing in artistic and attractive designs.

Lion Presentation have come up with a range of card holders with designs to suit everyone and functionality to match. They have created card holders with mirrors, ticket pockets and back pockets, oyster card holders with promotional micro-fibre cloth, over-sized oyster card holders as well as embossed oyster card holders. Phew! That’s quite a choice.

The best thing about these products is their customise-ability, they are really easy to customise and can become highly effective communication devices and Lion are more than happy to help. They can add photographic images of the highest quality as well as all the accessories mentioned above and create a very exciting promotional product for you or your business. Of course being a Lion product, it’ll be tough, long lasting, cost effective and a powerful tool in communicating you brand.