Customised PVC products

Lion presentation and packaging offers a range of, stylish and modern and attractive PVC products in the form of binders, folders, packaging and general office stationery.  Lion’s niche is that we offer bespoke, customised design facilities, which separate us from most other companies offering a similar service. Lion offer our customers and clients the option of applying branding, logos, printing and text designs to all of our PVC products to help your stationery stand out and make your image appear superior to your competitors.

Clipboard Folder

Our products could serve to improve the image and revenue of your company, office, shop or business by presenting it as a well-organised outfit with a well-polished image. A client’s first impression of a business comes from the image of that business and how it presents itself. Untidy, careless, or even just boring presentation can project a negative image or fail to put forward the desired one. If a customer or client walks into two shops or offices, one with old, dusty and mundane looking stationery and the second with bright, sleek, stylish presentation, regardless of the product, they will be psychologically inclined to give their business to the second outfit.

With our customised designs you can achieve all of the above effects and create a new and unique image for your company, hopefully attract more custom and increase revenue. What the does, is it acts as an advertisement for your company. This type of advertisement costs nothing like the expense of a TV or Radio advertisement campaign.