Getting Started with Your Record of Achievement Folder

Often referred to as a portfolio of evidence, the record of achievement folder gives school, college and university leavers the chance to show off their credentials to prospective tutors and employers. Whilst many secondary schools work with pupils to build this from Years 7 and 8, many more individuals are encouraged to go it alone when building a record of achievement folder.

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of presentation and packaging essentials, the Lion team have helped countless students to perfect their portfolio. Here we provide a must-have guide for those just getting started with their record of achievement folders.

What to include in your record of achievement folder?

Depending on your journey so far your folder may have a different consistency to fellow individuals competing for the same place at college or university, or that coveted job role. Generally record of achievement folders should consist of the following…

Personal details

  • Personal statement
  • Action plan
  • Attendance rate
  • Achievements and experiences
  • Qualifications and other credits
  • Employment history

Whilst the personal details section of your folder will be relatively straightforward, including standard details such as your name, address and contact information, you may find your personal statement a little trickier to write.

Unbeknown to many, the statement shouldn’t be used as a rundown of your latest achievements, instead it should offer onlookers an insight into your life. A personal statement should be, well, personal, so let your personality come to life on the page.

How should my folder look?

When it comes to the layout of your record of achievement clarity and quality are two factors that shouldn’t be overlooked. Be clear in the structure of your folder from the outset with numbered pages and a table of contents. Let the quality of your application also shine through with a perfectly presented format from page to page.

The outside of your folder can also be adapted to give you the wow factor over competitors. From choosing your favourite colour to branding your folder with your current/previous school or college’s name or badge, every bit of customisation helps.

Get started today

Here at Lion Presentation, we design and manufacture a range of bespoke and standard products. Our record of achievement folders are our bestsellers, and we have an enviable reputation for experience and delivering excellence with every order.

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