How to Impress at That College or University Interview

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Everyone will face some form of interview in their lifetime but this fact doesn’t make the process any less daunting. Whilst confidence in the interview setting does come with age, students looking to impress at interviews and gain their place on their desired college or university course may need a helping hand. Here we take a look at three ways you can make the right first impression at interview…

Do your homework

Whilst you may think that the prospect of completing compulsory homework was left behind when you graduated from school, doing your research about the college or university that you wish to gain a place at, as well as the course and panel of lecturers that will be grilling you is always recommended. From name pronunciations and a lecturer’s background to the course syllabus and wider history and success of the college or university, delving a little deeper will not only give you the facts and talking points that you need but also give you a confidence boost both before the interview and during.

Know what to bring

As well as a can-do attitude, bringing the right equipment to an interview will give you all you need to win your panel of interviewers over. Looking good on paper is often how you get your foot in the door, but going one step further by bringing along a record of achievement folder will assist you in making a great impression.

Record of achievement folders offer a tell-all account on your education, history and skillset to date, and whilst you must be able to recall this information in the daunting interview setting, bringing it with you will give your interviewer chance to uncover more and perhaps broach points that you may have missed due to nerves. Here at Lion Presentation you can select from a wide range of record of achievement folders or create your own bespoke design. Our record of achievement folders ensure your portfolio is presented professionally and personally to the people that could offer you a place on your dream course.

Practice makes perfect

Whilst you can’t anticipate every question that your interviewers will ask, running through a selection of common interview questions will ensure you are prepared and ready with a great answer. Even if you can’t remember every question that you have practiced prior to the interview, you can be sure that some answers will have stayed with you so you can present a confident, calm and articulate you!