How to Market Your Company on a Limited Budget

In today’s recovering economy, every penny counts when it comes to making your small business a success. Marketing is an essential part of promoting your business and its products and services to a wider audience, and without this your core demographic is likely to shop with your competitors, after all, how can they do anything different if they simply don’t know about your organisation.

Yes, a company’s marketing prowess has the ability to make or break business, whatever your organisation’s size or niche, but how can you market your brand on a limited budget. Here we explore the marketing tactics that won’t break the bank, so you can transform your company into a market leader and a standout success!

Make your materials a selling point

It’s not just strategies and online tactics that can be used to spread the word about your business further afield, traditional marketing materials still work wonders when promoting on a local, regional and even national level.

Here at Lion Presentation, we design, manufacture and supply a range of high quality materials to ensure you can make that first impression last. Available in standard or tailor-made, our branded presentation folders, bespoke clipboards and customised ring binders can be used to push your company into the public eye. Establishing a recognisable brand is an important part of the marketing story so make sure you are telling it in the right way and to the right people with a bespoke presentation and packaging solution.

Take your brand online

The online world is full of marketing opportunities, many of which don’t require a big budget to make them successful. By posting relevant content on your website and social media channels you can connect with customers and fellow industry professionals online. This interaction is certain to direct traffic back to your website, meaning sales are just one more click away.

There are also a number of other techniques that can be utilised affordably both on site and off. Article marketing and e-book writing are two great ways to share your expertise whilst discreetly promoting your products or services.

Become an industry expert

As well as sharing your unrivalled industry knowledge online, you can also contact local and trade magazines. These publications are always on the lookout for industry experts to comment and write articles on topics surrounding your particular industry, and better yet, many journalists will be happy to offer a plug for your business in return.