5 Steps to Better Business Stationery

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Want to impress your clients and customers at a glance? Then improving your business stationery may provide the answer you’ve been searching for. In today’s crowded marketplaces, it helps to stand out from the crowd, but how can you ensure your stationery speaks volumes about your business and bags you that next sale?

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1. Keep it Consistent

Whether you are handing out presentation folders at a meeting with a prospective client or showering the public with business cards at a trade event, keeping the design of your stationery collection consistent is the key to presenting a professional brand. Take advantage of our bespoke service to create your own uniformed range of customised ring binders, clipboards, presentation folders and brochures to put your best foot forward in any scenario.

2. Show Your Business Identity

Branding your business allows your customers to recognise and trust your company and its products or services. Use your stationery products to promote your brand confidently by including your specially designed logo and slogan.

Your logo in particular should be as memorable as possible and encompass a scalable design that looks great everywhere, from billboards and advertising banners to business cards and branded pens.

 3. Always Include Your Contact Details

Giving your customers and clients multiple ways to get and stay in touch is an essential part of your stationery so ensure your customisable designs have room to include your contact details, web address and social media profiles. In addition to this, if you are VAT registered, include your VAT number, this will reassure customers that you are an established and legitimate company.

4. Make Colour Count

Colour is a tool that every business should utilise to make their stationery stand out, not only will adding a splash of colour make your stationery more eye-catching, it will be the staple of your brand and make your font, logo, slogan and imagery more recognisable.

5. Forget about White Space Woes

White space was once a designer’s worst enemy, however, in today’s modern age where sleek and stylish design reigns supreme, white space should be embraced and form part of your wider stationery design. Never try to fill every last inch of your stationery with colour and pictures, this may distract your customer from your brand and its core message. Instead strike the right balance to create an interesting and customer-friendly design.