Oyster Card Marketing

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Oyster Card Wallets – Don’t Miss This Marketing Opportunity!

These days if you live and work in London then the chances are you have an Oyster card – Well, so do millions of other people and Oyster card wallets are seen by millions of pairs of eyes every day.

We’ve done it with shopping bags, we’ve done it with presentation folders and now it’s time for Oyster card wallets to become a powerful marketing tool too! So if you want to use Oyster card wallets to promote your business then read on to find out how.

Oyster Card Wallets

Everyone Loves Free Stuff!

If you run a commercial business then you’ll already know just how much people appreciate a freebie. When it comes to promotion, giving away free items emblazoned with your company brand is a great way to let people know about you, but there’s much more to freebies than that!

According to the experts, if someone sees your brand logo seven times in a day, it’s engrained in their heads. If you think about the most well-known brands in the world such as Coca Cola and McDonalds you can see the theory in action. Think thirst, think Coke, think hunger, think burger. As much as we may deny that we’re affected in this way we all are and once you realise the trick the major brands are pulling, you suddenly start seeing these logos everywhere you look, even if you’ve never consciously noticed them before. But this type of clever marketing trick isn’t just for the big boys, any company can do it with the right promotional materials.

Turn Oysters into Money!

When you use your Oyster card, you get out your wallet and touch it to the ticket barrier. So, whether you or the people around you like to or not, notice it consciously or not, you’ve seen the logo on your Oyster card wallet, the person behind you has seen it and the person walking through the barrier the other way has probably seen it too. What’s more, anyone standing around you will have subconsciously noticed the colour and the logo too.

Now imagine you’ve turned Oyster card wallets into a promotional item for your company, made a thousand of them and given them away at corporate events. That means at least three thousand pairs of eyes for each wallet being used viewing your logo on a daily basis! When you consider the nominal price of purchasing a batch of personalised wallets, it’s very easy to see just what a value for money venture trying a tack like this could be.

Making the Most of your Wallet Design

Oyster Card wallets are relatively small, so if you want them to catch the eye choose a bright colour that’s very far removed from the usual Oyster blue. Keep the design you choose a simple as possible. You should always include your logo or the image associated with your company, but you don’t necessarily need to include your company name. Instead, you could try adding a simple word that demonstrates your company’s aims or ethos. For example, if you own a group of spas the company logo with the word ‘Relax’ would be ideal. A restaurant chain could try ‘tasty’ or ‘spicy’, whilst an activity company could use ‘adventure’.

Remember, the most powerful advertising is the kind you don’t even know you’ve been exposed to, so if you want to use the psychological tricks that professional advertisers swear by and reap long term rewards through brand awareness then personalised Oyster card wallets are ideal!