Presentation Essentials – 4 Things That Could Make (or Break) Your Next Pitch

Whether you are seeking initial or follow-up investment to take your company to the next level or are looking to rally support from fellow industry professionals at a trade show or conference, pitching is one thing that every business owner has to do at some point. However, we understand that not everyone has the sales patter to make the right impression in the boardroom.

Check out our four tips for making your next pitch a success…

Always be prepared

As well as preparing the pitch itself along with any supporting evidence to back up your claims, being equipped with professional promotional and presentational products will help set you apart from other business owners looking to score the same deal. Customised ring binders, clipboards and folders will demonstrate that you have thought about every last detail.

At trade shows and conferences, presentation materials will also help you present a professional image that will be taken seriously by fellow industry experts, as well as deliver a memorable brand to your wider sector.

Fill a gap in the market

When pitching for finance in particular, being able to present a product or service that solves a problem is important, after all this will give investors an insight into how it will be received by a target audience.

Leave the jargon behind

Keeping your pitch as clear and concise as possible will ensure your products or services excite, not bore, your audience. The elevator pitch should form an important part of boardroom meetings, investor pitches and conference communications. This pitch should be no more than 60 seconds long and should sum up your company to a tee.

You can then elaborate further with a succinct presentation of your market, potential, team and wider landscape to give the audience exactly what they want! Remember, less is more when pitching.

Don’t make claims

When you’re passionate about your product or service, it’s all too easy to make claims that in the long run you may not be able to necessarily fulfil. Whilst you should present an idea like it’s the best thing since sliced bread, you should also be reasonable and responsible in your aims and goals. Unrealistic pitches will only lead to unhappy investors that will be less willing to inject further finance into your business.


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