Promotion Opportunities

Promoting Your Business With Oyster Cards

If you have your own business you are (or should be) constantly looking for ways to promote your business. Traditional advertising can be extremely expensive, and it is paradoxically less effective that more ‘ambient’ advertising solutions. A ¼ page print ad in the back of a monthly trades magazine can be as much as £1,000 (in some cases more) and you are just one of 100s of ads in the back pages. No, when you are thinking about how to promote your business you have to think outside the box.

Oyster Card Wallets

A great and inexpensive new way of advertising is with Oyster Card Holders – everyone in London has or needs an Oyster Card and they would definitely appreciate an Oyster Card Holder. So Why not give them one? Better yet why not give them one with your logo and contact details? It is cheap; you choose who gets one so you are only appealing to your target market – ideal.

In the same vein as Oyster Card Holders, albeit slightly more traditional, is credit card wallets. Although they make fantastic little promotional gifts to your customers they are even better at giving to your staff particularly those with business fuel or credit cards. It makes your business look so much more professional. Another seemingly incongruous item which can be used as promotional space is your tax disc holder. Any other ideas? We’ll probably make them for you – get in touch with Lion Presentation today, our business is your business.