Promotional Presentation Folders

Most companies who sell presentation folders regard their product as serving merely a practical function, allowing you to carry and display documents and information easily. Here at Lion we like to regard such items not only as having a practical function, but as an opportunity to promote and advertise the image, mentality and ethos of the company using the folder. A presentation folder doesn’t have to be just a handy way of carrying paper; it can be a uniquely designed, well-thought through, stylish, innovative, image projecting piece of business paraphernalia that essentially acts as an advertisement for your company. A presentation folder can become a promotional product if designed in the right way.


Picture the scene: you have arrived at a conference where you are looking to approach potential clients. Several other companies are at the conference and all of them are looking to snatch the custom that you have come to poach for yourself. Each of your rivals presents their paperwork in a standard presentation folder. You however have arrived with a bright, new, bespoke folder baring the name of your company and your mission statement, perhaps with the logo printed on. Your product information stands out and looks sleek and attractive. Before potential clients have even looked at your information they have formed an impression of your company. These are the sort of slight edges that can sway a client’s decision, when it comes to choosing between a rival that offers a similar product or quality of service to yours. Lion seeks to give you that edge over your rivals.

Lion also offer credit card wallets and tax disc holders that serve the same purpose of promoting an attractive, presentable and innovative business image.