Put the ‘organise’ into your organisation

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Branded Office Stationary

All of us do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint these days, business especially, and part of this movement is the idea of a ‘paperless future’. Well that is not going to happen anytime soon, we need paper in the office, a pen and paper is a much more organic process of communication than word processing and in using paper we can think more freely. And while there is paper in the office there will be ring binders too.

pvc ring binders

If you look around your office now no doubt you’ll see some ring binders scattered around, how do they look? What do they say about you and your office? The majority of people don’t think about these small details, but the subliminal impression left on clients and staff is usually bordering on disorder. Lion Presentation specialises in all things stationary, particularly branded stationary and their expertise in this area is not to be overlooked.

If you can imagine an office, much like your own, that has some ring binders on shelves, in cupboards, perhaps on the desk but instead of the plain primary colours most binders come in, imagine them all branded, carrying your corporate logo and message. It makes a massive difference.

If you want a little guidance in making your brand and brand communication stronger, both internally and externally get in touch with Lion Presentation, they’ve been doing this for years and are leaders in their field.