The Art Of Custom Folders

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A bold title? I would have to disagree with you there, there is most definitely an art to a folder perhaps if you are not in ‘the business’ you will not appreciate the art of the humble object. By the way I am talking about the Folder business, not the Art business. Yes, the folder business, some might look at a folder and think “Well, that’s not complicated, it’s just a folder.” And to some extent I would be forced to agree with any fellow who made this observation, however I would be willing to wager my last penny on the fact that he wasn’t looking at a Lion Presentation Customised Ring Binder.

customised ring binder

customised ring binder


You see it is our business to know EVERYTHING about custom binders – and there really is a lot to know. We have never wanted to produce tens of thousands of cheap, basic folders; we are always searching for that extra touch of class, the feel of the material, the subtle padding underneath, the slightly textured contours of your company’s logo, the engineered edges, extra internal pockets for business cards, loose paper, envelopes and pens. All of the little extras that come together to make a work of art that is appreciated by its owners and revered by those who don’t yet own one. It is true; I take the folder business very seriously indeed.

Are you the sort of person that appreciates seamless quality and little extra after thoughts that add something to a product? Good, that says a lot about you and your business – you are the sort of person that’s going places. I think it’s no coincidence that all of my clients do very, very well in their own businesses – that’s because they have this mentality that details matter. In many cases these details are embodied in their Customised Ring Binder.