The Importance of Branded Packaging

As the leading manufacturer of bespoke packaging products, the Lion Presentation team certainly know the role good quality, branded packaging can play in propelling your business forward.

Unbeknown to many branded packaging isn’t just about adding your logo, there are a number of factors that will make your packaged products stand out from the crowd to ensure you gain the level of business your company deserves. Using design to create a good looking product is essential especially in highly competitive markets where your packaging will also act as a mini billboard for your business and its products or services.

Here we reveal the factors that will not only impress existing customers but also attract potential customers at a glance!


When it comes to the appearance of your packaging, opting for an eye-catching and distinctive look will always impress your customers. Going hard on branding will also make your packaging and the brand it is promoting as memorable as possible and over time your brand will become an unmistakable and unstoppable force!


Using colour is just one way to make your packaging design more appealing and eye-catching to existing and potential customers. A well-considered use of colour will work wonders and create those all-important first, second or third impressions. Here at Lion, we offer a full range of plain colours, plus a selection of finishes. Images and logos can also be easily incorporated into our polypropylene products through the use of silkscreen and litho printing.


As well as appealing to customers on a visual level, individuals across all demographics also favour functionality, after all what use is a good looking product if it can’t fulfil its purpose. With 25 years of experience creating bespoke packaging for organisations across all industries, Lion Presentation has the expertise to create a high quality and functional product that works for you and your customers. Our specially developed products also ensure easy storage and easy assembly to minimise disruption on a daily basis.

We take great pride in ensuring our polypropylene and vinyl products are light in weight and hardwearing, which is particularly useful for outdoor and industrial use. Our customisation service also ensures that you can specifically adapt your product to raise the profile of your company and enhance functionality for customers and clients alike.

Are you looking to create bespoke, branded packaging products for company use? Talk to our dedicated team today to discuss your needs by calling 0191 415 0526 or emailing sales@lionpresentation.co.uk.