The manufacture of tax disc holders

Try saying that five times quickly! We look out of car windscreens more than any other window, it is how many of us will view the countryside, the city, towns and people. It is our window to the world. And every car windscreen in the UK must display a tax disc by law. This being the case, the guys at Lion Presentation wondered why tax disk holders are always so ugly. And they commissioned themselves to brighten up your ‘window to the world’.

Lion Presentation work extensively in corporate branding, creating many of the business portfolios we see on the market today. But where they really shine is their work in peripherals – little identifiers like corporate key rings, torches, pens, credit card wallets – lots of products that fuse your corporate identity.

How often have you given a lift to one of your clients or staff members? Many times probably. Think about where they will sit – the passenger seat, what do they see through their ‘window to the world’? Slap bang in front of every passenger is the tax disk holder. Imagine if that incongruous device carried you’re branding, it would be noticed and appreciated.

Tax disc holders are just one of Lion Presentation’s many ways of bringing the brand to life. Get in touch with them today to find out what they can do for you.