The Many Uses and Benefits of Ring Binders for Your Business

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Ring binders are not something that many business owners stop to think about. When they need them they send someone to the stationery shop to buy the first binders that they find – so long as they look durable, and are in the right colour. If this has been your attitude towards ring binders it may be time for you to consider what you can do with this every day item so that it can add real value to your business. Ring binders are used for filing documents and they can also be used to hold marketing material. For many, the only consideration that matters when they are purchasing binders is size and cost – so long as they can accommodate the required number of documents and are affordable they are considered good enough.

Ring binders, when utilised properly, can create a powerful marketing tool. If, for example, you have every ring binder custom made with your business logo on it you are promoting your brand in a subtle but effective way. We’ve talked about how customised ring binders are an effective marketing tool in this blog post. There are three common types of binders available including PVC binders and Polypropylene binders. Depending on your business you can choose A4 ring binders or you can choose A5 ring binders (if you are a legal firm, for example). Once you decide on the size of ring binder you can then go ahead and decide what you can do with it so that it acts as a promotional tool for your business.

What businesses need ring binders?

Any business that generates any amount of paper as a part of day to day operations needs ring binders. They are a safe and effective way to store documents and the best thing about them is that they last a long time and keep documents safe throughout. All the following businesses need ring binders:

Sales firms

If you are in the business of selling, whatever your product or service, there is a good chance that you generate a good amount of paper. Do not be lulled into a sense of security because these documents are also stored in digital format. In terms of crisis, such as when servers crash or you are hacked physical documents can save your life. With ring binders you can store all product specs and pricing, all invoices and receipts, all sales contracts and any other documents that you generate.

Schools and other educational institutions

Every school will generate a fair amount of paper, whether it is from the students or from the teachers. While this material may be held on computers it helps to have ring binders that can keep documents safe for years to come in the event that digital files are not available. As a school or college pretty ring binders can also be handed out to students to act as a branding tool when they are out and about.

Marketing companies

Any business that helps others market their products or services should be very keen to use ring binders. Each package that leaves the business to go to an existing or potential client should be neatly filed in a ring binder so that it is easy to see all marketing materials. It also acts as a branding tool.

Banks and law firms

These two types of businesses typically generate tons of paper, and although documents may exist in electronic format having paper format is a bonus in case of server crashes or hacks.

Anyone who prefers paper records

True, we live in the digital age, but there are many for who paper is still the way to transact. If you prefer to handle paper rather than use digital files you should buy ring binders every year.

These are not the only businesses that need ring binders; all businesses that generate paper that they do not immediately destroy should invest in binders so that they can store documents neatly and safely and make document tracing easy.

What should you take into account when choosing ring binders?

The only consideration that business owners will take into account when choosing ring binders is cost – so long as they are cheap and fall within the budget they are good enough. While this is a valid and even necessary consideration, there are other factors that are important:

• You should think about the style of ring that is in the binder. Most binders come with round rings, and these are good enough so long as you aren’t planning to put lots of documents in the binder. However, if you plan for your 3 ring binder to hold more than a few documents you should buy D-ring binders.

• The thickness of the binders also matters. They usually start at 0.5 inch thickness going up. You want to ensure that you buy the right size so that you don’t have binders that look unsightly.

• Covers are very important and as much as possible should be included in every binder that you buy. With covers you can insert marketing material and change it as required. Covers are usually made of clear vinyl with one end left open so that you can insert marketing material. They can cover the front, spine and even the back if you choose.

• Colour matters when it comes to ring binders. You want to choose a colour that closely matches your logo and reflects who you are as a business. A school, for example, should choose pretty ring binders in colours that will be attractive to students while a law firm or hospital should choose binders that are in plain designs.

Who should make your ring binders?

Now that you know the value of having your ring binders custom made you may be wondering who should make them. There are many companies that make these binders so you should identify the most reliable ones near you. Before you sign any contracts you should ask them to make samples so that you can see what your finished binders will look like. Make sure you choose binders that are durable if you want them to last for years to come.

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