To brand or not to brand…that is the question.

In this post I want to take a look at the difference that a little bit of branded stationary can make.

Think about your company’s stationary for a second. What sort of a message does it send? Is it all mismatched? Colour coded? What about all your files and folders? Do they have neat labels? Where’s your logo? These are important questions to raise.

Let’s imagine for a second that your home computer has broken down, you want to have it repaired locally and you are aware that there are two local guys who have set up their own computer repair shops, they can both do the job and they will charge the same fee. They both come round to your house to give you a free quote.

Wizz kid number one rings the bell and when you answer your door your first impression is NERD – he is wearing faded jeans, a denim jacket, his hair has not been brushed, nor his spectacles cleaned. He is carrying a scruffy ring binder with paper falling out of the sides. He does the job and gives you a quote; you escort him to the door and watch him drive away in his Robin Reliant.

Wizz kid number two comes along (by now you are not expecting much) and you are pleasantly surprised. The first thing you notice is that he has a tax disc holder with his company’s logo – impressive. Alas when he gets out of his car and you see his denim jacket and faded denim jeans you think NERD. But then you notice that he is carrying a folder with his company’s logo embossed and later you see that he also has a pen featuring the same logo and his quote is taken from a clipboard, which, again, features his logo. So now instead of (or as well as) thinking NERD, you start thinking, professional nerd.

A little bit goes a long way in marketing. You will of course choose Wizz Kid number two; even if his price was a little higher, you would still choose him. His image was of someone who has pride in his company and looks professional. All companies should exude this pride in themselves – it’s great for business.