Ways to Market Your Business Using Personalised Print Products

Marketing your business to the people who matter must be conducted offline as well as online and personalised print products and stationery can ultimately present a united front when promoting your company in the public domain and wider industry. There are a comprehensive range of print products available but knowing how to use them to your advantage is the driving force behind the most successful offline marketing strategies.


The key to displaying your business credentials and familiarising your core demographic with your business image and values is to be consistent when it comes to branding. Display your brand across all print products including letterheads, newsletters and even online in your email footer. The shapes, colours, images and font you use will soon become your mark as a reliable market leader so aim to reflect your mission and vision from the outset.

Whilst the majority of your advertising print materials should present a seamless image of your company, when crafting flyers for your direct mail marketing campaign you can afford to be creative. Aim to create flyers with a difference by marketing your brand using images and actual products that you know your target audience will love. For example, if you run a car valet business, why not print your latest offer and company details on a chamois cloth or car freshener to stand out from your competitors?

Bring that creativity back to the office too by providing each and every staff member with customised ring binders and presentation folders, after all who knows who’ll see them outside of the office! Make sure all print materials handed to staff are fully branded with your company logo, image and tagline for maximum marketing potential on the move.

Trade shows are another place where you can put your print marketing materials to great use, again presentation folders can be handed out to prospective clients and customers who are eager to find out more about your products or services. Heavily brand these handouts to ensure that your company is portrayed in a memorable and eye-catching way. Don’t forget your business cards too, design these to incorporate your company logo and mission and never network without them!

When it comes to standing out from your competition, especially in the crowded marketplaces found across multiple industries, having a strong offline marketing strategy and accompanying branded print products is essential! Keep your print marketing materials strong and communicate with new customers to grow your business.