What Do Employers Look For From Record of Achievement Folders?

Record of achievement folders have been a vital part of an individual’s journey from campus to career for decades, and whilst the internet is filled with tips on what to include, they provide little insight into what prospective employers are actually looking for!

Record of achievement folder manufacturer Lion Presentation reveal exactly what employers are thinking when they glance through the pages of your folder to give you the knowledge you need to present something special at that upcoming interview.

Present the Perfect Package

At first glance a national record of achievement folder can reveal more about your character than you may think. Presenting a dishevelled folder which has taken a good battering over the years as it progressed through school, college or even university is not the way to make a good first impression. Instead invest in one of our personalised national record of achievement folders to ensure you hit all the right notes and stand out from the crowd.

Upon opening the cover, how organised your folder is will also catch your prospective employer or tutor’s eye. Start your folder with a numbered contents page to make it easily for your employer to navigate. Utilising name card holders and CD pockets to organise your folder further is also highly recommended.

Think Ahead

Your record of achievement folder is the perfect platform to showcase your skills and qualifications to date but many candidates miss a trick by not including a career objectives section. Make sure this page is customised to the position you are applying for and define your personal and professional goals. Employers love candidates who are particularly forward thinking as this demonstrates a decisiveness and passion that will instantly translate into their role.

Including a cover letter will also allow you to expand on your long term and short term objectives, as well as exhibit enthusiasm for the role.

Don’t Skip the Basics

Attention to detail is a highly regarded quality whatever role you are applying for, and there are certain aspects of a record of achievement folder that will validate this. Including all your personal details, i.e. name, address, contact number, email address and qualification summary, plus written references and evidence will give employers a complete view of you on paper. Don’t forget to proofread your folder too, to ensure no spelling and grammatical errors slip through the cracks!

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