What should I put in my record of achievement folder?

***Updated 13/03/19***

Another popular article from our vault of previous blogs, we’ve updated it for you guys with more advice about what to put in your record of achievement folders.

Your folder should essentially contain a variety of documents, all of which will assist you when organising your career plan and making a great impression at interviews. The first document that your record of achievement folder should include is an action plan, many individuals tend to update this action plan on a year-on-year basis and this shows prospective tutors and employers what your capability is when fulfilling short and long-term goals.

Your action plan should detail your achievements for the year that has passed as well as what you wish to achieve in the year ahead. Try to keep this plan as clear and concise as possible with bulleted action points that will enable you to build on your success and progress to the next level of your education or career. Also, don’t be afraid to highlight weaknesses and how you plan to overcome them for a realistic and focused outlook. Many students also include progress checks to highlight their development across a shorter period.

Record of achievement folders also contain your curriculum vitae and your cover letter, which is already a part of any successful job or college application. Your cover letter should give a clear and specific view of your achievements as well as highlight why you are the right candidate for this particular college course or job role. Your cover letter should also highlight your achievements both inside and outside of the classroom.

Use your CV and cover letter as the basis for the following sections of your national record of achievement –experiences, employment details, achievements, skills and abilities. In these sections you will be able to elaborate on what has been stated in your cover letter, giving your prospective employer or tutor the chance to delve a little deeper into your personal and professional life. Your record should also back up any claims made regarding academic achievement whether that be exam results or additional training so make sure you include your certificates.