Where’s The Clipboard When You Need It?

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The World has changed markedly in the past 15 years with the EXPLOSION of the internet. And for the most part I think we’d all agree that the change has been for the better – except for spam. I mean could you conceive of going back to a world without Google? Without Online banking? Without email? And what about kids – would they know how to communicate with each other without Facebook, Twitter & MSN? Oh yes, the world has changed.

It’s not all good…

For all the good that has evolved from our recent advances, there is also some bad. We seem to be forgetting the little things in life. Why send a birthday card when an email will do? Why send an email when a Facebook message will do? And because we deal with computers more it means we deal with paper less. How often have you lost the stapler or hole punch or clipboard in the last couple of years? I’ll bet it’s happened because we rely on these things less and less. But we still rely on them.


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