Your National Record of Achievement: How to Create a Folder That Helps You Progress from Campus to Career

Record of achievement folders are a personal and professional account of your time in education, generally individuals start compiling these in the early years of high school and continue throughout their time at college and university. But what does this national record of achievement include and how can you ensure that your folder stands out in the pile of university or job applications?

Record Of Achievement Folder 2

When it comes to building a national record of achievement folder or NRA, deciding what to include can be tricky; just like crafting the perfect CV and cover letter you must organise your accomplishments to present a definitive guide to your time in education. The folder is recognised throughout the UK and provides university tutors and prospective employers with evidence of your achievements throughout your education.

Record of achievement folders contain all your personal details, including your name, address and contact number as well as a summary of your achievements both in education as well as your professional and personal life. This summary should include evidence of your qualifications, any additional training, work experience history (include references where possible), employment history and records of attendance. In addition to this, include certificates or evidence documenting any awards you have won during your time at school or college. The record should also include your personal statement if you are applying for a further or higher education course or cover letter if the record of achievement forms part of your job application.

Now we’ve discovered what you should include in your achievement folder, how can you ensure yours is presented in a better manner than your rivals on campus and in the workplace? After all it’s a tough old world out there, especially on the job market, so it pays to stand above the crowd. The folder itself should be particularly high quality, and many students opt for the leather bound finish an effective, clean and ultimately luxurious look. Inside the folder there should be 12 A4 wallets (up to 16 wallets for larger folders); these should be filled throughout your time in school, college or university for a complete and well-presented finish. You can also choose to personalise your folder with your school logo.

Make a great first impression at your college, university or job interview with a neat, organised and well-presented record of achievement folder that’s bursting with your personal, professional and educational achievements.